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We believe every company can drive positive social change.

We help growth companies Plan, Manage and Communicate social impact programs that lift communities, energize teams and enhance brands.


When businesses give back, everyone wins.

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Building stronger communities

The business community plays a critical role in solving our biggest social challenges. From volunteering, to corporate giving to marketing partnerships, businesses invest time, expertise and money to build a better future.

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Human services

Food security, homelessness and poverty are complex issues that need your investment. Your organization can help make progress in this complex problem by investing in immediate relief to those in need or contributing to longer-term solutions.

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Creating opportunity for all

Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in school and in their careers. To build a diverse workforce of tomorrow, companies are investing in education and mentorship programs to inspire young people to maximize their potential.

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Doing your part for the environment can mean embracing sustainable business practices, planting trees in a local park or encouraging people to use alternative transportation.

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Choose your cause

There are so many causes that need your investment. Catalyst can match you with a cause that matches your aspirations for change, that energizes your team, customers and the entire community.

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Benefits to your business

Create new opportunities to connect with your team, customers and community in powerful ways.

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Talent is your competitive edge. The opportunity to give back in the workplace is a powerful incentive that can set you apart form the competition when recruiting top talent.

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Team building

Providing your team with meaningful ways to give back to the community can help you retain top talent and reduce costly turnover.

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Customers and brand

Investing in the community demonstrates your corporate values beyond the bottom line, and lets your customers know you share their vision for a better future.



of businesses believe that employees expect them to provide opportunities to engage in the community.


Average cost of replacing a $100k salaried employee.


of consumers would choose a purpose driven brand over the competition.


Stories & resources

Read about the organizations leading the way and pick up resources to help you drive change.